Clairvoyance and awareness is within us all.

It seems I was born with extra perception and awareness.

My readings, for 40 years now, have taught me that our loved ones who have passed on, Angels, God and The universe, watch over us and guide us through our earthly journey.

My reading requests have varied from distraught souls who have to overcome loss (connecting with loved ones who have passed over to the Spirit world), healing, businessmen needing guidance, general everyday life guidance, finding lost items and so much more. Working with the police to solve crimes crossed my path for a few years, but I have stopped that.

Being giving direction from higher Angels and the Universe is confirmation that you are on the right path.

God will never TELL you what to do but will guide you. We have to make our own choices in life – that is our gift from God.

Work with a clairvoyant who uses Divine Light … that’s me!

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International US$55 or £45 

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