We would suggest the following vitamins and supplements:

Glutamine: An amino acid plays a role in many metabolic processes.  Will benefit those with acute pancreatitis. Food sources: grass-fed beef, bone broth, cottage cheese. *Not useful for those being tube-fed*.

Omega 3 fatty acids: Will repair tissue damage and reduce inflammation. *Supplement*. Foods: flaxseed, fatty fish (salmon and tuna).

Vitamin A: Aids in pancreatic cancer prevention.  An essential nutrient for strong bones and immune function.  * Food sources: beef liver, carrots, sweet potato *

Vitamin C: Slows tumour growth. 1-6mg per day. Never take it with Vit B12 as they affect each other’s absorption. Food sources: Kiwis, red bell peppers, currants, guava, broccoli.

Vitamin D: Helps reduce inflammation. Midday sun, no sunscreen, minimal clothing, 15-30 minutes daily. Food sources: cold-water fish (halibut, mackerel, salmon).

Vitamin E: Inhibits tumour growth and protects against heart disease. Food sources: sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts.

Vitamin K: Inhibits pancreatic tumour cells. Food sources: dandelion greens, mustard greens, Swiss chard.

Probiotics: Reduces inflammation, organ dysfunction and pancreatitis symptoms. Will rebuild healthy gut function during and after antibiotics.

– Listed by Sharon Olivier, March 2021

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We would suggest the following herbs:

Green tea: Regular consumption inhibits the development of pancreatic cancer.

Rhodiola: An adaptogen showed to enhance energy and boost brainpower, improves kidney and pancreatic function. 350-500mg twice a day for the immune system and to help with pancreatitis symptoms.

Reishi: Ganoderma lucidum: An adaptogen that increases the abundance of good bacteria. 150mg-300mg twice a day to relieve inflammation and boost the immune system.

Grape seed extract: Has a protective nature against cancer cells. Anti-inflammatory properties fight oxidative stress. 100-300mg daily.

– Listed by Sharon Olivier, March 2021

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Acupuncture: Using fine needles in specific points of the body to help unblock blocked energy. A safe and effective way to treat chronic pain. – Listed by Sharon Olivier, March 2021

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We would suggest the following diet:

Diet plays a huge role in pancreatitis as well as the severity of symptoms.


Food allergens: dairy, soy, wheat, corn, food preservatives and chemical food additives.

Stimulants: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco.

Tran’s fatty acids

Healthy foods:

Small, low-fat meals: Fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains.

Healthy oils: Coconut, olive.

Lean meats: grass-fed beef, organic poultry, cold-water fish.

Iron-rich foods: Spirulina, organic grass-fed beef liver, lentils and yummy dark chocolate.

Anti-oxidant rich foods: Cherries, blueberries, tomatoes and bell peppers.

– Listed by Sharon Olivier, March 2021

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Lifestyle tips:

Meditation: Eases pain, fights depression and anxiety, lowers cortisol levels, improves mental performance and aids in recovery from chronic illnesses. Simply focus gently on your breathing, in and out, nice and slowly. Your mind will wander at first which is ok, just gently take it back to your breathing. It takes practice, you may start at 5minutes and with ongoing practice, you will build the time up. You may find guided meditations easier. You may find it easier to focus on a sound or word.

Relaxation: The symptoms can cause pain and discomfort. Breathing exercises may help.

Yoga: If possible biweekly at least.  It Will help with stress, appetite, overall well being and alcohol dependence.

– Listed by Sharon Olivier, March 2021

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