Herniated Disc

We would suggest the following vitamins and supplements:

Vitamin C: Immune system booster and anti-inflammatory for pain. Increases production of collagen which is essential for bones and strong ligaments. *Food source: Citrus fruits, strawberries, berries, kiwi*.

Vitamin D: Helps the body absorb and use Calcium. *Best source is directly from the sun, 20 minutes with minimal clothing and no sunscreen, at midday, (Supplements). *Food source: salt-water fish, egg yolks, liver*.

Vitamin E: Increases the immune system and reduces pain in the affected muscles. Increases circulation by increasing red blood cell production, thereby promoting healing of damaged tissue. *Food source: nuts, kale, corn, seeds, wheat germ*.

Vitamin K: Important for bone health and healing. Binds calcium to your discs to make them stronger. The levels drop when the disc is initially injured because it binds to the site of injury to help the healing process. *Food sources: leafy greens ~ spinach, kale ~ Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, liver, meat, eggs*.

– Listed by Sharon Olivier, February 2021

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Essential Oils

We would suggest the following:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Massage – Buy a base oil: sweet almond or jojoba. If you have 20ml of base oil, add half the amount of Essential Oil drops. In this case, you will add 4 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Eucalyptus and 3 drops of Peppermint. Apply the mixture over the affected area, as required. Especially effective after a bath.

Bath – Your skin is the most absorbent part of the body. The heat of the bath assists in the absorption. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Diffusing 5 drops (maximum) of Essential Oils into a teaspoon of milk. Or a cup, if you would like more of a Cleopatra style bath. Use 3 drops of Lavender, 1 drop of Peppermint and 1 drop of Eucalyptus. Add Epsom salts.
  2. Or simply add 5ml of your massage blend.

Close all windows. Soak for 15-20 minutes minimum. Avoid splashing in the eyes

Compress – (A warm compress). Add 2-3 drops of Essential Oil into a bowl of water. Soak the cloth in it. Apply the cloth to the area for 15 minutes or so. (1 drop of each oil)

** A patch test is required – 1 drop of aromatherapy oil to 4 drops of base oil. Apply a coin size amount to a patch of skin on the inner arm **

If sensitivity occurs, apply more base oil to soothe the area. Possibly avoid use for a further 10 days. If you wish to continue, dilute to ¼ of the original amount and test on a small area of skin. If there is no further reaction, continue with that dosage.

** Oils are for external use only and must be blended with a carrier oil. Always avoid the eyes, ears and nose **

** Eucalyptus – Avoid during pregnancy/lactation, epilepsy, on homoeopathic remedies. Avoid use for children under 1 and with caution up to the age of 8 **

** Lavender is the safest of oils, if on a rare occasion you react, apply more base oil to the skin to soothe it and dilute the massage blend with more base oil **

** Peppermint – Avoid use during pregnancy/lactating, or if on homoeopathic remedies. Avoid use in children under 5. Use low doses, it’s a very cooling oil and strong. May irritate the skin. It is a stimulant, so do not add it to the bath before bed. Safe all around for inhaling. Peppermint is very potent and stimulating. Avoid use for a relaxing bath and never use more than 1-2 drops **

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