efore you jab have a look at some big FDA blunders.

After years testing and millions of dollars here are a few drugs that took time to show how bad they are.

Quaaludes to help you sleep: Approved for 20 years, became a street drug, then made a schedule 1 drug alongside LSD and Heroin.

Cylert for ADD/ADHD: Approved in 1975 caused liver failure in young children after many years. Apart from the increasing deaths it was left on the market until 10 years ago when it was withdrawn due to “falling sales”

Darvon: was on the market for 55 years as an opioid pain reliever. And while it may have gotten rid of that headache, it was awful for your heart creating 2,110 deaths between 1981 and 1999 alone. It was approved to be sold if a label saying “Can cause death” was added to the label.

Metrazol: For compulsive therapy, was pulled off the market — after 48 years — for causing uncontrollable seizures, pulled muscles, and spine fractures in an estimated 42% of patients.

Vioxx: an anti-inflammatory medication to treat arthritis, was the subject of one of the largest recalls in history. Approved in 1999, it was prescribed to over 20 million people, the following year, it was recalled, but instead of letting troubling studies lead to a recall or even any further research, a small warning was added to the box. In 2003 alone, Vioxx brought in $2.5 billion.

Eventually, however, trials were conducted to test the drug’s long-term effects. But that trial couldn’t even be completed because of the increased risk of heart attack and stroke among participants. One of the FDA’s own scientists, Dr. David Graham, estimated that Vioxx had been associated with more than 27,000 heart attacks or deaths linked to cardiac problems.

Covid vaccinations: Let me get back to you in a few years.


t takes many many years and millions of dollars to develop a new drug.  Vaccines were all “quickies”.

The FDA will approve a drug which causes “just a few deaths” because of the many it might help, but add the billions to be made a little exaggeration to the Doctors who prescribe can make a fortune.  The answer is to pay the FDA a fine from profits and carry on – here are a few examples of fines for “False claims”.

$750 MILLION Glaxo Paxil
$875 MILLION TAP Lupron
$1.4 BILLION Eli Lilly Zyprexa
$1.5 BILLION Abbot Labs Depakote
$2.2 BILLION Johnson & Johnson Resperda
$2.3 BILLION Pfizer Lyrica
$3 BILLION Glaxo Smith. Wellbutrin, Paxil, Advair, Lamictal, Flovent
$8.3 BILLION The Purdue family for Oxycontin

Pfizer has been fined $2.3 Billion for false claims and giving kickbacks to Doctors.

They still made $9.6 Billion in profits last year. $3.5 Billion in first 90 days this year.

Vaccinations are sold for $30 each. $26 Billion profit expected this year.

Aug 2021. Made mandatory for 800 000 USA service personal to be vaccinated at $20 each.

For SOUTH AFRICA they wanted the Reserve bank, Embassy buildings and even military bases to be put up in case there was a payment problem or lawsuits from the vaccines.

They wanted indemnity for all future lawsuits – and complete confidentiality.

They eventually backed down and settled for a healthy profit.

Now you should all be feeling a lot better about having the jab


hy drugs have side effects and natural medicine doesn’t

Drugs were created back in the 1930s when 2 millionaires financed USA universities to research all forms of natural healing, so that they could make them synthetically, so they could be patented and royalties earned.  The profits were so good that it soon became a World-wide “Illuminati”.

The top 35 pharmaceutical companies last year grossed over US$11 trillion between them.

You get side effects because the drugs are alien to the body.  What happens when you eat a rotten piece of fish or fruit? The body rejects it.  Feed it a chemical and the same thing happens. When the side effects are too bad you have more drugs to counter the side effects.

So why do we continue to take them? Our bodies our very clever and any mom will tell you that you don’t have to teach babies to eat, sleep or fill a nappy that’s the endocannabinoid system that we all have, but it learns as it goes along. Get a headache, mom supplies the Aspirin and the body has just learned that Aspirins cure headaches, not the body.  Next step is to add a compound into medicine that tells the body “You can no longer help the body, only medicine can” and so the body learns to rely on medication and our immune system weakens. The chances of getting cancer used to be 1 in 20. Today it’s 1 in 3.

85% of South Africans are now on medication.

The trend is going back to natural healing, grandmas own remedies. Let me give you a simple one.  Add brown sugar to a raw onion and put in the fridge overnight – that’s cough medicine.

400 000 visitors have already been to www.naturalhealingresearch.com

Moms and Granny’s step forward – the future needs you.


ow to check if you are taking conflicting medication

The 3rd most common cause of death in the medical world is due to miss-diagnosis.

A lot of this stems from doctors issuing you with conflicting meds.

It is not unusual to warn doctors that this or that drug conflicts with dozens of others, and the doctors simply cannot keep up.

Worst example is Oxycontin which comes with 17 pages of side effects.

Check your meds right now by going to drugs.com and enter them under “conflicting medication”. It could literally save your life.


ow to replace pharmaceuticals with natural products

When you take pharmaceuticals, most have a compound that sends a signal to your brain saying “Next time your body has this problem it will look for this medicine” which dupes the brain/body into not trying to heal itself anymore. By the time you reach late 40’s your body will give you joint pains, muscle pains, headaches and most of all insomnia. It your bodies way of saying “Houston, we have a problem”.

Detox your body to remove these pharmaceutical instructions and switch to natural products – no side effects either. You can also get a 911 full-body scan for just R450 which will tell you exactly what nutrients and vitamins your body needs, plus it will analyse and produce 40 reports on all your organs conditions so you know EXACTLY where you are.


or R450 we can show you what nutrients and vitamins your body needs, plus this device will analyse and produce 40 reports on all your organs conditions so you know EXACTLY where your body is out of balance.

This is just a sample.

Sample report

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