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We are not knocking doctors or medicine. They certainly have their place. Pharmaceuticals, however, are acidic to the body. And acid causes dis-ease in the body. Pharmaceuticals are man-made chemicals, that the body does not recognise. They are toxic to the body. There are, however times, when our bodies require them. Sometimes for short doses to give the body a boost. And sometimes for long term, for the likes of chronic dis-eases. That’s OK. And we acknowledge that.

However, there are many symptoms we experience that with a little life adjustment, a little help from a practitioner or a few remedies that are sitting in our kitchen, garden or health shop, that can help us bring homeostasis back to our body, naturally. Where a pharmaceutical is not required.

This is where we are here ~ to help empower the public, and to create an awareness that there is another alternative.
A simple example: If you have a wart, you can have it burnt off by a doctor, countless times, it will keep returning. If you simply place tea tree essential oil on the wart, daily, it will eliminate the virus. It is simple, painless, non-invasive, natural, and the wart will not return.

Everything has its place and we are not here to knock anybody or anything. We are here to support each other.

The one thing we are born with is freedom of choice.

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