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Drugs were created back in the 1930’s when 2 millionaires financed USA Universities to research all forms of natural healing, so that they could make them synthetically, so they
could be patented and royalties earned. The profits were so good that it soon became a world-wide’Illuminati’.

The top 35 Pharmaceutical Companies last year grossed over US$11 Trillion between them. You get side effects because the drugs are alien to the body. What happens when you eat a rotten piece of fish or fruit? The body rejects it. Feed it a chemical and the same thing happens. When the side effects are too bad you have more drugs to counter the side effects.

So why do we continue to take them? Our bodies are very clever and any Mom will tell you that you don’t have to teach babies to eat, sleep or fill a nappy. That’s the endocannabinoidal system that we all have, but it learns as it goes along. Get a headache, Mom supplies the Aspirin and the body has just learned that Aspirins cure headaches – not the body. Next step is to add a compound into medicine that tells the body ‘You can no longer help the body – only medicine can’ and so the body learns to rely on medication and our immune system weakens. The chances of getting cancer used to be 1 in 20. Today it’s 1 in 3.

85% of adult South Africans are now on medication. The trend is going back to natural healing – Grandmas own remedies. Let me give you a simple one. Add brown sugar to a raw onion and put in the fridge overnight – that’s cough medicine.

Moms and Granny’s step forward – the future needs you.

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